Chris Raeside

Graffiti at Horsetail Falls in Tahoe a few weeks back

Spent some time with friends in Sonoma last weekend, like a grown ass adult. 

Another little custom blog header, I wanted to tweak some templates and vectors I had been working with to create the simplest summary I could think of for the article I wrote. 

Of course, we couldn’t use the logos without getting into a little hot water, so we went with some screenshots from the video instead. But I still wanted to share the one I liked originally as a sample anyway.

If you want to read the article, check it out here:

Got this email from my mom today, from when they puppysat our little Garrison. 

Today is my younger brother’s birthday. To celebrate his 23rd, I made up a name for this typically uneventful milestone:

The Michael Jordan Year.

To commemorate this made-up occasion, I shopped him into the most iconic image I could think of. The lighting isn’t perfect, but it made me laugh…

Just a few weeks shy of a year ago, we did some wine tasting at Hartwell with our dear friend Greg.

Aka, I met some puppies.

I just put together a few headers for the company blog as well as a some supplemental graphics over at:

I love it when my day job and my “night job” cross over and I get to do graphic work like this.


Parents gave us a little surprise last weekend, pictures from the 80’s!

Left is my mom and dad, in front of his old Ford Ranger

Right is the family fleet:

(Bug in the front, Nova in the middle, and the Monte Carlo bringing up the rear)

Matching shuffles!

Should work alright with my Bose in-ear, and look good with my Giles & Brother railroad spike..

I found another friend the other day, though I wasn’t equipped with the trusty Canon Rebel so iPhone shots it has to be… I’m not a Ford guy but that thing is cherry.

Happy Father’s Day, to mine and all of the other supermen out there


Blue Jay

Geais bleu


by Christopher Evans

Paris, France

Now that is what I would call “persistance”

Played around drawing some flash in honor of Friday the 13th


My lettering

Gorgeous! What pens did you use for these?

(via scribebynight)

Got to run some client errands for work today, the Nova got a little bit of exercise…